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About Claire Van Etten

Claire is an artist, writer and teacher who makes her home both in the desert Southwest and in the mountains of New Mexico.  She is the mother of three married children and grandmother of eight.  Before long Claire and her husband will celebrate their fifty-third anniversary!

Claire was educated in Southern California at Cal-State Long Beach, receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.  We won't say how long ago that was!  Eons.  She continued her art training with workshops taught by Anthony Ryder, William Kolliker  and John Farnsworth.  Favorite  world famous artists are Giotto di Bondone, Rembrandt and  Mark Rothko!  An eclectic mix for sure! In the watercolor medium, John Marin and John Singer Sargent top the list.

In 2010, Claire was inspired to write a novel set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Seattle and the San Juan Islands, a place she has only  visited once!  In ensuing days, research and writing took up most of her time.  The book, DANIEL~THE ONE WHO GOT AWAY, was finished in 2016 and is now available for sale through Amazon books.
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This website was conceived in the hope that people who are searching for images, stories and inspiration to feed their souls will find here the heavenly banquet that they are looking for!


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This is a captivating fictional story of "Daniel", who is on a personal growth journey, with an unexpected twist...