An Entirely New Environment

An Entirely New Environment     Oil on Canvas 24″X24″

One morning I woke up with this hazy design in my head.  I thought it was a possible painting.  I did nothing about it.  The next morning, there it was again upon waking.  Hazy, but I loved the colors and the filmy white.  Still no action from me.  The third morning, when this image showed up, I got the message that I needed to follow through and try this out on canvas.

I began with thinly painted acrylics on the square canvas.  I always love the square shape.  I worked it a bit.  The words came to me, “An Entirely New Environment.”  I thought it meant a new environment for our nation.  This was in the early fall of 2016, before the national election.   The feeling I had was that new materials and new actions would be pulled over an “empty bed of darkness” which was the area to the left.   The clouds of action, gifts, new ideas and life would be pulled over and cover the darkness, from right to left.   I later realized this was to be as a result of the Presidential election.   It looked like a cloud containing so many new things.  And it was active, swirling, moving, doing… a colorful mix!

I left this to sit and brew for some time.  Eventually, I moved to oil paints as I wanted a richer surface.  I sealed the painting with a cold-wax polish made from bee’s wax, giving a consistent satin finish to the entire surface.  The final product is rather more definite in the shapes than the first beginning:  Fire from above, lavender shapes of prudence and justice.  A pod-like struggle with the darkness in the center.  A few small thin cuts of blood red.  Patches of new growth in green. The salmon pink could be the presence of new “flesh” working with energy on old problems.

The white cloudy base is the under-girding inspiration from heaven above.

Do you see it?


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  1. Wow, Cheryl, this one’s really beautiful, and the story of the three mornings very interesting.

    The interpretation is also interesting. One side of me prefers to leave that to the viewer,; the otherside, at times, feels strongly about the interpretation and wants to share it in words as well as in paint.

    Either way, it’s a delight fir the eye!

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