Darkness in the Garden

There was darkness in the Garden. A double darkness. There was the intense natural darkness among the olive trees that night. No torches lit the way and no one was expecting to go to the heavily leaf-ed grove across the Kidron valley, away from the hustle and bustle of Jerusalem on a Passover evening. But He knew where he was going.

There was also the second darkness.  The darkness of the horror of the cross. The darkness of sin, not imagined but keenly felt by the One who knew no sin.  It’s a wonder He didn’t stumble, panic and run away.  But He didn’t.  He prayed, He lay on His face,  asking for the strength to follow through.  To go all the way to an undeserved death…to the facing of the terrible separation, never known before.

Finally, there was  confusion in the darkness, as there usually is.  Someone lost his ear.  But identity was established and there was a kiss in the darkness.  How confusing! Many ran away from that place terrified.  One was bound and led away.  A Lamb to the slaughter.

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