Lost and Found

This experience really happened to me just a few years ago.  This is not an April Fool joke…

I had been working all day…cleaning bathroom tiles…heavy stuff.   Late in the afternoon I quit work and was talking on the phone.  I glanced down at my hand and saw that the diamond was missing from the setting in my wedding ring!  It  looked  horrible, a glaring empty hole with the prongs jutting up… holding nothing. I felt my heart wither, thinking of all of the millions of places this diamond could be and knowing that searching for it would literally be like looking for a needle in a haystack. I slammed down the phone and turning my face upwards, I closed my eyes and prayed violently: “GOD!  GOD! You know where this diamond is! You know how much it means to me. I will never find it without  your help. TELL me where it is!  HELP ME!”

Immediately, with closed eyes I “saw” in my mind the close-up vision of the black-topped surface of a parking lot.  In this vision, I saw the diamond lying there.  It was lying on the parking lot in front of a convenience store where I had been earlier in the day to pick up some sodas for lunch.  I had stopped during my cleaning spree to run down to the store.  With some kind of “zoomed in vision”, I saw the diamond, small and shiny lying there, right where I had parked.

Now this diamond was not huge, but it was valuable.  And, it had great meaning for me beyond its monetary value.  My husband had added it to my plain wide gold wedding band as a special gift upon the birth of our second son.  He took my ring while I was in the hospital, had the stone set and then slipped it back on my finger one day as I lay recuperating in the hospital…so much meaning.

I hate searching for lost things!  I hate it… So many times, I don’t find the thing I am searching for, and I  get more and more angry and anxious as I search.   I’m angry at myself for being so careless as to lose something of value.  That day, I was tired, angry and completely dismayed by this loss.

Just at that moment, my children arrived home from school.  Despite the vision I had seen,  I immediately enlisted them to start searching the house for the diamond.  The vision was still with me but somehow… I couldn’t act on it.  My own thinking and my fear was that the diamond had gone down the drain in the bathtub where I had been working.  Suddenly though, that vision was so strong that  I broke off searching the house, jumped in the car and drove down to the convenience store.  Someone was parked right where I had parked earlier that day!   Stalling around, I went into the store and started to ask the clerk if a diamond had been found.  When I heard myself say that and saw the clerk’s face I knew what a stupid thing that was to ask. Embarrassed, I  just said “never mind”  and walked back out to the parking lot.  Right next to the car that was parked in my former slot, was the diamond.  It was a very small item on that big black-top.  There were other shiny objects, pieces of broken glass, there too making  mock “diamond” sparkles.  But  I went right to it and picked it up.  It was my diamond.

Dumbfounded, I got back in the car and started driving home.  Fear and awe came over me. I began to pray:  “LORD! I can’t believe you did that!  I can’t believe you heard and immediately showed me exactly where the diamond was!

Once again, He answered immediately.  He  said, “If only you would ask for more things this way,  just in the same way you asked this time for my help, I could do so many things for you.  It pleases me when you depend on Me.”



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