Rio Grande

Transparent Watercolor 20×30 inches

Watercolor is a vibrant medium.  The watercolor painting above is an example of how art can follow nature in ways that express the true feeling of a scene.  This is a painting of the Rio Grande River and its setting near El Paso, Texas.  The colors may seem exaggerated… but not that much!  This is a place of drama.  The rusty mountain and earthy sands below are part of an ancient volcano’s caldera.  Beyond rises the level mesa which extends far into New Mexico.  The mesa consists of a fine red sand which gives rise to some awesome sandstorms!  As seen in this picture, voluminous clouds suddenly rise high and dark, moving showers quickly across the area.  Just sweeping the land with a little dousing of needed water.   This is the juncture of three states, New Mexico, Texas and Chihuahua, Mexico.  All three meet at one point on the top of this mountain, Mount Cristo Rey, with the river running by below and mountains all around creating the pass which is known as “El Paso del Norte. ”  The Pass of the North.

This is a large painting. About 20 x 30 inches, on heavy weight rough watercolor paper.  I like to work big, with lots of pigment and big brushes.  Get splashy, its only paper!  If you don’t like it you can throw it away. Or do what I do, take it outside and turn the garden hose on it!  Most of the paint will wash off leaving only a shadow of the shapes, which are a good map for the next try!

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