The Journey

I see myself in a field of mud; it is so “boggy”, that I can hear my shoes sucking air as they slog through this rich, brown, heavy mud.  It is deep and messy, but I don’t mind.  I am looking ahead to a waving field of green and white which is before me.  As I approach I see that it is a field of lilies!  Huge, tall crisp-stalked ones. I move in among them and see that I have to push them aside to walk through. They bump against each other, heavy and crisp with water filling their stalks and dew on their leaves.  The flowers are pure white and curl perfectly into shape.  Walking is easier now; I know I am going to a thrilling place.

Beyond the lilies, the earth is perfectly smooth and covered in a fine green grass.  A little further and I have walked into a forest of gigantic trees! It is so cool here.  Filtered light and a freshness in the atmosphere charm me.  I notice that the huge dark trunks are growing far enough apart to create a feeling of space and grandness of scale.  Beyond, I see the end of the forest and reluctantly walk on.  I am tempted to stay among these powerful tree trunks. It’s a place that radiates protection and rest. But, the light and openness beyond the trees beckon me on.  Walking out of the forest, the sky seems endless and deeply blue. I am in a big place and I can see forever! The open space and sloping plain of grass lead on.

Then I see it!  The path downhill leads to a small brown low-roofed cottage. The late afternoon sun is still warm and bright, but the cottage down the hill is in the shade now and has a glowing lamp lit in the window. I am glad to see it welcoming me. Dusk drops down quickly on me as I reach the cottage entrance.  The door is wide open!  I walk in unafraid through the low cottage door.

The interior glows with beauty…. burnished, well cared for and simple.  Of course, Jesus is there near the entrance, quietly waiting for me.  The only word to describe Him is PURE.  He offers me a beautiful silver chalice with wine.  He motions to a loaf of brown bread on the table.  He welcomes me silently, but his eyes direct me to look out a huge  window.  I see that the cottage is nestled on the edge of blue eternity… out there  blue mountains and endless blue space fill the distance and I know that we are going on to an indescribable place.  We simply step off into space together and the ultimate journey begins.


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